24 October, 2012

Eating Elephants

The big D. 

We're now in the thick of it. Back to solo parenting. Clinging to the 20 minutes of phone call. Missing his smell and his arms, his presence and his guidance on those parts of our life together that he just does a little better or easier than I am able to. 

Oh, and we moved last month. We got word that we might be staying at our current base for a while yet and decided to start house hunting. I was certain we wouldn't find anything suitable before he left. And I was wrong. *(Insert life chaos here.)*

And if you ever get the chance to move just before a deployment? Well... let's just say it's not something I would recommend if you could avoid it at all. 

My head is still spinning. I am so tired. Frazzled. Shouldering the load of managing EVERYTHING in our already full lives, and by myself at that, is a heavy load to carry each day. But sometimes the only way to get through something is to just keep going through it, because stopping to pout just makes tomorrow's load feel heavier. 

So we're eating this proverbial elephant one bite at a time. 


  1. Good luck!!! This is not an easy task (and I cannot imagine MOVING! whoa!) but I am hoping it starts getting easier for you. We're in the middle (oh wait, no, it's still the beginning, just FEELS like we should be in the middle by now! haha!) and it is starting to get a certain ebb and flow to it. Slightly easier, but I'd love it if it ended now! :)

  2. Ugh, I feel you! My husband deployed a month after moving to England last year. At least everything was already packed (even if it did get lost at sea for a while)! The upside? You get to decide where everything goes.

    We're back to "the big D" ourselves now. Some days feel so insurmountable (I blame the pregnancy and the toddler, mostly). But... take 'em one at a time.

    I hope the move goes smoothly, that you feel settled soon, and that the deployment goes quickly!